Turn a sell into a

With connected products every sell is a
new relationship with endless upsell

Offer Extended warranty

Create subscription revenue stream

In app catalog

Brand loyalty coupon

Product registration

Reduce returns

In app notifications about new
product releases

In app notifications about new
product releases


Smart home connectivity

Olibra Offer a fully vertical IoT solution from live customer support for your customers
through hardware integration of the connectivity technology of your choice.

Product market fit, use case analysis, and technology selection.
Hardware Integration (Wifi, BLE , NB-IoT)
You’re all set! Now you can control your devices from anywhere.


Simplicity is key for fast product launch at scale. Our platform is designed to grow with you seamlessly. Launch slow and or go all in and make a splash.

Open Local API let our community and your customer take your product to next level with integrations with C4, RTI, etc.

We are in this together

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Our IoT platform comes with the best in app live customer support!

Yes! We provide technical support for your customers for all connectivity related issues.​
ISO 27001/27000 Certified platform. We do the heavy lifting so you do not have to. No PII is shared with third parties and user data shared with manufacturers when anonymized and aggregated.


devices connected

6 milion

actions a month

5% repeat orders

for brand partners

5% repeat orders

for brand partners
Go smart from the start. Our manufacturer SaaS portal lets you digitize the launch and production of new smart product models.
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