A Smart, Smart Revolution

Imagine telling a child born after the 2000s that in the past it was necessary to get up, go to your TV and turn the knob to choose between the few available channels.

In a few years, it will be equally surreal to talk about a home that is not Smart, integrated and connected. As technologies evolve, they become cheaper and more accessible. It is inevitable.

The Future is Smart

It is not just about comfort.

Comfort is just one of the conveniences that come as a benefit of smart automation. IoT is expanding our ability to look at the tools and resources we use in a completely different way.

Saving costs, improving performance, strengthening security and remote controlling are all things that come with an intelligent automation and bring much more value than just comfort could.

What Comes Next?

The Smart Revolution is exponential and not limited to appliances in a Smart House. We see this revolution impacting our world in many areas such as science, medicine, industry, sports and so on.

See, for example, the impact that Smart Watches are having on the daily lives of ordinary people. Their use has been expanded in ways that even the creators could never have dreamed of.

But the truth is that this revolution is just beginning. When we see it from a global perspective, it is clear that we are barely touching the surface of what is possible, even with the technologies and resources already available today. Imagine what is to come next.

Photo by Franck V on Unsplash.

It is not difficult to dream about the fantastic things that we will be able to do soon, but how to make it accessible to the big public?

Smart, Means Smart

We could say that the revolution is fast, but the way it happens is often not Smart. There are thousands of new applications and devices appearing at a quick pace, and it is very easy to say that you should simply buy the new model every year. But what about the appliances we already have?  

What if, instead of throwing away that old knob TV, it was possible to upgrade it and make it works with a generic remote control?

Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash.

Imagine how much money could have been saved by upgrading the old TV, or how it would have spread the new technology much more quickly to the general public, and how many TVs would have been saved from going to the dump before it was necessary. 

The way we promote the revolution is as important as the innovations it brings.

Our Revolution

This is what we are doing through Bond Bridge; we are taking common appliances and bringing them to the next level.

This is our way of contributing to the Smart Revolution. This is our statement that we are committed to creating a Smart world that is accessible to everyone and smartly reuses existing resources.

Of course, there are many innovations to be created and a fantastic future awaits us ahead, but to get there we first need to make smart decisions with the resources we have today.

To create the future, it is necessary to act in the present. So this is how we are building the smart future that we aspire to, and we want to invite you to be part of this revolution. 

The smart, Smart Revolution.